Brother Cloud Apps

Powerful cloud based apps at the touch of a finger

Brother Cloud Apps are a free suite of innovative, cloud-based applications that you access directly from select Brother devices. You’ll be amazed by how much you can do right from your machine, without using a computer. The Brother Apps suite is expandable, and Brother is developing new apps that will become available for download as they are completed.

Outline & Scan

Outline & Scan allows you to crop only the required segment of a document and save it in digital format. Simply circle the segment in red, scan the physical document, and the selected segment will be cropped

Outline & Copy

Outline & Copy allows you to crop/erase only the selected segment of a document. Simply circle the segment to be cropped/erased in red, copy the physical document, and the selected segment will be cropped/erased.


Scan and convert handwrtten notes into JPEG. Upload and store the JPEG in cloud-based service or storage media.

Scan to Office Doc

Scan hard copy document and convert it into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file with editable text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It also saves the images in the document as JPEGs that can be removed within or deleted from the new document.