Portable Print Solutions V2

The Latest Portable Print Technology

In our digitally connected world, being able to efficiently print your paperwork anytime and anywhere is an asset that could seriously boost your business. 


Mobile thermal document and receipt printers

Compact full-page (A4) and small-formatprinters for reliable, on-demand printing from laptops, tablets, smartphones and handhelds.

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 Industrial Labelling

Industrial P-touch labelling tools

Handheld labellers to create and print durable, laminated labels practically anywhere, in a variety of sizes, colours and adhesive types. The self-laminated labels they produce are designed to withstand temperatures from -30 degrees C to 100 degrees C, moisture, grease, dirt and even industrial solvents like acetone, and remain affixed and clearly readable for years, indoors or outdoors.

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 Desktop Labelling

Portable and desktop laminated label printers

Produce the same durable laminated labels as our Industrial P-touch labellers but offer the ability to connect to PCs and other devices for an even broader range of label creation and production features and capabilities – from the small home office, right up to a large corporate office.

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