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At Brother, we understand that providing patient value is at the heart of care delivery. To support this goal, every piece of technology within a care facility must meet the standards of reliability, efficiency and effectiveness while also ensuring privacy of patients' personal information. Our At-Your-Side philosophy guides us to create products and solutions the healthcare industry can rely on to achieve its' goals.

Our solutions include:

  • Cerner certified devices ensuring interoperability, compatibility and security
  • Patient wristband printing with bespoke solutions to meet your patient id requirements
  • Digitisation of patient records with award winning desktop and portable scanners
  • Durable Label print solutions for specimen samples, asset management or safety signage
  • Mobile, portable print & scan solutions for ambulatory care & home care
  • Managed Print Services that provide Health IT departments with a peace of mind

The following are a few of the specific areas in which hospitals, GPs and other medical facilities can achieve these advantages:

secure records

Secure Patient Record Printing, Scanning and Access

With our multi-function devices, document scanners products and software partners, we deliver efficient, user-friendly and secure products specific to your requirements and workflows. We provide:

  • Managed print services that provide Healthcare IT departments a peace of mind by taking on the task of secure print management
  • One-touch scanning capability which simplifies usage, improves document security and reduces administrative errors
  • Scanners connected to hospital networks allow doctors to use a simplified, one-button scan and archive workflow that will ensure forms are stored in the right digital location, allowing personnel from all departments to find them quickly and accurately when needed
  • Devices compatible with EHR software systems, can be integrated with Cerner Corporation applications and ensures compliance and security for patient record access, scanning and printing

Labelling and Asset Management

Our tough and reliable labels allow personnel to track assets, inventory or lab equipment throughout healthcare facilities and with 1D or 2D barcoding capability on Brother’s labelling software, it’s the tried and tested solution that enables digitalisation. We provide:

  • Portable on-demand creation of labels for subjects and samples in testing labs lowers the risk of human error while boosting accuracy of results and efficiency of laboratory workflows
  • Brother TZe laminated labels are engineered with 7 layers of protection. They are proven to withstand chemicals, temperatures, fading and maintain an adhesive strength suited for demanding surfaces.
  • Software deployment and integration flexibility to suit your requirements by either utilising Brother’s bundled label design software with barcoding capability or integrate Brother devices to your existing software platform.


Patient Identification Wristband Printing and Barcode Printing

Compact, portable thermal label printers from Brother allow staff to print wristbands on the spot for patients no matter where they are in the facility, starting at admissions. The printers connect securely with the hospital information system, enabling the creation of barcodes linked to a patient's record.

  • Patient wristbands are vital for both access control and quick lookup of data on every patient
  • Use of durable materials enables wristbands and labels to stay legible through sustained usage, ensuring the integrity of tagging and tracking systems over time
  • Portable label printers allow the creation of barcode labels and wristbands in any part of the care facility
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A Suitable Deployment for Every Department

Not all sections of a hospital or GP office deal directly with patient care. What links all of these various departments together is the fact that there is a printing or scanning solution suited to each. Departments that can improve their everyday operations with a new Brother deployment include:

  • Catering and food service: Clear labels that state specific patients' dietary needs, allergies and locations can prevent potentially dangerous mistakes
  • Laboratory: In testing labs, personnel can use label printers to clearly label their specimens and test results, allowing them to lower the risk of human error and increase efficiency in their research
  • Pharmacy: Pharmacists require high-speed label printers that create clear, high-quality labels to ensure no medication goes to the wrong person or location
  • Administration: Small form factor but feature rich devices demand little desk space but provide the latest technology to support all administrative printing needs
  • Building management: The inventory of all physical assets, as well as maintenance and upkeep, can be managed more easily when there is a tough, efficient label printer available to enhance asset traceability
  • Ambulatory care: Our portable print, label and scanning solutions can be implemented where it’s needed most


Three Main Advantages of Updated Healthcare Print Solutions

While there are a diverse range of print solutions available for hospitals, GP offices and other medical facilities, there are a few major advantages that unite these deployment types. These include:

Optimised modern printing and scanning

  • Cutting-edge MPS offerings provide device selection, maintenance, consumables management and printers that work with EHR software that meets healthcare ISV requirements. Configuration interface tools allow users to manage drivers and settings on multiple devices efficiently, ultimately cutting costs and saving time

Digitised patient records...simply

  • High-speed scanners and multi-function devices allow doctors to digitise patient records with a single button push, saving time and minimising risk of manual process mistakes, all without compromising security
  • Integration between scanners and practice management platforms further digitises health workflows, minimising the potential for errors and boosting efficiency

Maximised print data security

  • Physical device access control ensures only authorised users or groups can use the printers, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) ensures transmitted data are encrypted and Secure Print requires personnel to provide a password or tap an ID card to release documents to protect confidentiality

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