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Tagging and tracking essential assets, labelling shipments, creating clear documents on the go: labelling and mobile printers are invaluable in settings such as warehouses, offices, healthcare facilities and other locations.

Brother's range of devices can fit any company's needs, offering:

  • Durable labelling for laboratory, medical, electrical or other tough environments
  • Asset tagging to track inventory and prevent theft
  • On-demand wristband printing for healthcare patient identification and hospitality events
  • Portable printing for essential medical records, retail receipts, citations, invoices and other mission-critical documents

Types of mobile and label printers

There are a vast array of compact and effective printers available across three categories:

  • Laminated labelling solutions: Printers that produce durable labels are useful for environments featuring abrasion, moisture, heat and cold. Brother's P-Touch line prints on TZe laminated tape and are tested to the extreme
  • Thermal labelling solutions: Thermal label printers can operate for a long time without replenishment or maintenance, as they do not use ink or toner. They are ideal for retail receipt printing, barcode labelling and other everyday tasks
  • Mobile printing solutions: These compact portable printing devices are able to go with your workers anywhere, anytime by using versatile power methods such as rechargeable batteries

Brother's products help a variety of industries. You may find your own company's needs reflected in these snapshots, or you can get in touch with our experts to design a custom strategy.

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General business

Mobile and label printers are useful across multiple applications including:

  • Visitor management: Create professional and versatile badges on demand
  • Full-colour labelling: Generate versatile labels for every project
  • File and folder identification: Keep documents in order with tough, laminated labels

Field operations

Taking a portable printer along on a business trip or field assignment helps to streamline tasks, from maintenance and service to sales.

  • Maintenance reports: Generate clear, comprehensive reports on maintenance just completed
  • Route accounting: Use rugged mobile printers to generate invoices and other documents
  • Pest control documents: Instantly produce papers such as compliance documents, bait maps and inspection reports
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Electrical and automation

Durable laminated labels are ideal for keeping technicians safe, marking risk areas.

  • Heat shrink labels:Connect printers to databases to print serialised PVC heat shrink tubes
  • Automation panel labels: Quickly create control panel markings that look professional and will hold up in tough conditions
  • Warning signage:Create warning signs with yellow or orange laminated safety labels that can withstand UV rays and chemicals

Telecom and data communications

Workers need to clearly and efficiently label hundreds of cables in telecom - label printers connected to smart devices can make this task faster and more precise.

  • Panel identification: Use a long, continuous label stretching across a whole patch panel to immediately identify numerous ports
  • Structured cabling: Employ advanced cable labelling apps to streamline their identification and tagging duties
  • Rack identifier: Clearly identify existing data centre assets on sight with tough, temperature and abrasion-resistant labels
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Are these labelling and mobile print solutions right for you?

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Visit our Resource Library for more details on how your business can benefit from improved printing services, as well as examples from organizations that have already seen the advantages.

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Warehouse and logistics

Keeping the modern warehouse moving at a fast pace, aided by automation, is a major goal for today's supply chain organisations, and labelling makes it possible.

  • Shipping labels:Keep logistics workflows efficient with on-demand shipping labels
  • Air waybills (AWB): Connect a thermal labelling printer to a PC to create compliant airbills for international shipments
  • Shelf management:Organise warehouses with tough labels and asset management software

Healthcare and laboratories

Healthcare facilities and labs can be harsh environments for labels, but accurate and clear information is essential for safety and compliance purposes.

  • Asset management and calibration labels:Calibrate essential equipment correctly and get it serviced on time
  • Patient wristbands:Create high-quality and clearly legible ID wristbands containing all relevant data, at admissions or in patients' rooms
  • Prescription labels: Limit human error and keep patients safer with clear, accurate bottle labels
  • Health status reports: Print patient details while they are in transit, helping hospital staff immediately grasp the nature of the emergency
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In hospitality, information must not just be delivered quickly and accurately, but also in a professional-looking format that will please guests.

  • Food safety:Comply with regulations by printing expiry labels for catering, delivery and takeout orders, as well as putting thawing duration labels on frozen foods
  • Name badges: Create professional-looking name tags and badges even when away from computers
  • Receipts:Create receipts independent of a computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected printers

Emergency services

First responders in the field can use simple, intuitive print solutions to create essential documents wherever they are.

  • Citations and fines: Print legible, accurate tickets in the field
  • Crash and incident reports:Combine mobile devices with thermal printers to generate accident reports at the scene
  • Patient reports: Print patient reports in sizes A4 or smaller,from within the ambulance on-route
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How Brother can help

Brother's experts can work with you to find the combination of user-friendly devices and workflows you need. Through the use of software development kits (SDKs) and an Australia-wide partner network of developers and industry experts, we are able to not just recommend devices for your business, but generate a bespoke solution for you as well.

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