Universal Print from Microsoft

Print effortlessly with native Universal Print support
on Brother printers

Brother device compatible with microsoft universal print

Streamline the Way You Print and Manage Print

The Universal Print solution is offered on select Brother devices to help users manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. These Brother printers are Universal Print ready with Universal Print compatible firmware, which provides native support to Universal Print.

With a required Microsoft 365 subscription, users can access Universal Print to:

  • Monitor printer status, configurations, and availability
  • See who's using the Brother printers and how much they're printing
  • Configure user permissions
  • Use Universal Print with selected Brother devices without the “Universal Print connector

Universal Print Overview

Universal Print provides users with the ability to streamline the way they print and manage print. Organisations no longer need on-premises print servers or need to install printer drivers on devices. In addition, Universal Print adds functionality like security groups for printer access, location-based printer discovery, and a rich administrator experience.

Print to the office from home

Print from home to a device at the office for others to retrieve the print job. Home users can print using Universal Print just as if they were sitting in the office.

Print to home from home (with corporate processes and security)

Via Universal Print, enable tracking and accountability for all print jobs printed on the printer.

Print to / from anywhere

Someone sitting in the office can print to the home-office printer for the remote worker's convenience.

connected locations and devices

Benefits of Universal Print

Print from anywhere when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure Active Directory (AD).

  • Enjoy a user-friendly, no learning curve experience
  • View, add, and print only to printers that the user has access to
  • Search from a large catalogue of printers both near and outside of the current location
  • Eliminate the need to install printer drivers

Protect your Documents and Data

Your organisational and personal data is handled in accordance with Microsoft data management guidelines. As such, your organisation’s print data is stored in the same manner as Office 365 or Outlook data – protected and secured from vulnerabilities. All communications are over secured HTTPs connections, and printers are represented as Azure AD device objects backed by an X.509 certificate.

In addition, Brother devices also offer built-in triple layer security features to help safeguard your network, keep your devices secure, and protect documents in transit to and from print devices.

built-in nfc card reader on Brother devices

How to Register and Share a Brother Printer with Universal Print

Learn how to remove your on-premise print servers using the Universal Print solution by Microsoft. Understand the process of connecting and sharing a printer so that users can print through the cloud with the on-premise print server. This assumes your Brother printer natively supports Universal Print by Microsoft.

How to Register and Share a Brother Printer with Universal Print Using the Microsoft Print Connector

Learn more about the process of connecting and sharing a printer via the Universal Print Connector. This method of printing should be considered if your printer does not support the direct connection method of Printing.

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