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Setting up an effective visitor management system means replacing traditional pen-and-paper sign-ins with integrated visitor management software and badge or label printers. With this new solution, your front desk staff can track and trace guests while lessening their own workload.

With such a system:

  • All guests gain a digital footprint for easy tracking and tracing
  • Providing service to clients at the front desk is streamlined and more convenient
  • Staff can receive instant notifications based on visitor movements in the facility
  • Automated processes make this system easier to use than a pen-and-paper sign-in book

Who needs visitor management systems?

In short, every company that operates from a brick-and-mortar location can make effective use of a visitor management system.

A streamlined visitor access management system allows reception personnel at the entrance to:

  • Generate an automatic visitor log without manual data entry
  • Check guest records against databases
  • Print photo badges that let staff identify visitors on sight for peace of mind
  • Add photo identification with pictures taken on the spot
  • Include a 1D or 2D barcode, such as a QR code for access control and tracking
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Visitor management in education

Schools of all levels, from K-12 to universities, need specialised visitor management systems. A modern, digitally enabled access control system that combines an internet-connected software system with label printers can help keep the premises secure and track every guest. School staff can:

  • Check against law enforcement databases immediately to make sure the people they are checking in are permitted to be on school grounds
  • Track guests throughout the building, ensuring they are accounted for during their entire visit to the school

Visitor management in health care

Hospitals, research facilities, general practitioners' offices and health care facilities of all types can employ advanced visitor management systems as part of their admissions processes and access control efforts. An on-demand badge printing solution integrated with visitor management lets front-desk personnel:

  • Ensure people end up in the right areas, and help to track them throughout their visits
  • Create disposable ID badges for staff members that stick to their personal protective equipment and are discarded each day
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What are the advantages of effective visitor management systems?

Companies still handling visitor management practices through manual solutions such as physical logbooks and hand-written badges or access cards may wonder why they should upgrade to a connected digital solution. The advantages to such a system are numerous, and they include such essentials as:

  • Improved security and access control
  • Easier work for security staff
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Polished presentation and visitor experience

Are these visitor management solutions right for you?

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Visit our Resource Library for more details on how your business can benefit from improved printing services, as well as examples from organizations that have already seen the advantages.


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Improved security and visitor identification

There are a few different security and compliance improvements that come from using an electronic visitor management system:

A digital registration kiosk at the front desk:

  • Ensures each visitor privacy among other guests while entering personal information
  • Allows front desk staff to immediately check the guest's information against law enforcement databases

Printing visitor badges at reception:

  • Photos on badges allow staff throughout the building to verify at a glance that the person wearing a credential is actually the person it belongs to
  • Date information enables personnel to verify whether someone is there at the right time

Custom barcodes on visitor badges:

  • Turns badges into access devices, so visitors can only go to approved areas of the facility
  • Lets staff track the movements of badge-holders based on their scan history

Greater convenience in data management

The databases generated by visitors registering for and scanning their badges is much easier to work with than logs collected after the fact from written records. Digital visitor management allows the front desk staff to:

  • Maintain a complete visitor database in far less space than would be required for paper records
  • Keep an automatic log of movements around the building with barcode-enabled ID badges and stickers
  • Recall records for a specific person or day when requested by authorities
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Professionalism and presentation

Using handwritten ID tags and stickers can seem unprofessional, and may potentially create the impression that the business is not serious. However, when a company's visitor management system includes high-quality label printers, it can:

  • Include the company's logo alongside sharp text and an image on every badge, letting the company put its best foot forward
  • Customise badge formatting to match the company's overall branding

How can companies integrate visitor management systems into their workflows?

If your organisation already has a digital visitor management system, high-quality, compact modern label printers
may be the missing element in your next upgrade.

From the industry you serve to the type of building you operate and the amount of foot traffic passing through, there are plenty of variables that will determine the ideal modern visitor management system for you.

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