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Seeking to improve storage costs, ease of access and security, companies are digitising documents for cloud storage. This requires optimal document management software and scanning hardware. With a document storage and content management program powered by Brother, you can:

  • Digitise content directly to cloud utilities such as OneDrive
  • Work through many documents efficiently with one-touch automated scanning
  • Protect PDF documents with secure passwords
  • Transform paper records to searchable data with OCR

Why businesses need document management solutions

Your company needs solutions to ensure its digital document management efforts are worthwhile. Read on to learn more.

The scanning and digitisation of your paper document archives must be just as effective as the storage and management of the content. With a complete document management solution, your team can:

  • Build more efficient workflows, collaborating over great distances, spending less time searching for files and benefiting from consistent data
  • Comply more easily with data retention regulations
  • Spend less time on every step of file management, from creation to storage to deletion
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The right digitisation tools

Reaching such a state of document management success calls for document capture hardware as well as document management software, namely reliable scanners and multi-function devices that will integrate securely with your digital document management systems. You must be certain that:

  • You have consistent processes for digitising new and existing records
  • The images you are scanning are sharp and legible
  • The network connection you are uploading through is secure and reliable
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How Brother's document management solution helps your organisation

When committing to a modernised document management system, it can pay to think about the granular advantages of the new system. This can help with winning approval for the new approach from higher-ups, and it can also help employees of all levels make the most of document management. Those benefits include:

Increased document security and control

Paper recordkeeping systems can’t provide adequate security and control over content. Paper documents are difficult to store and find, especially when shared between departments or copied. Through state-of-the-art security controls and configurations, Brother's scanners and multi-function devices let you:.

  • Meet document control requirements, such as encryption or specific network protocols
  • Password protect PDF documents at the point of creation
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Streamlined collaboration

Workplaces are more remote than ever before, which means employees need centralised digital repositories of files to get their work done. Scanning documents and then making them available in the cloud allows your single-location, remote or hybrid workforce do the following:

  • Keep everyone on the same page by granting access to a single version of a document
  • Improve collaboration and cut confusion with tracked changes and version management

A configuration tailored for your business

Every document capture workflow is different, and you need a system that meets your unique requirements. Our software development program, Brother's Solution Interface (BSI), allows our technology to integrate with third-party applications, and Brother's range of scanners can help you with a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Scanning documents from the field via portable A4 document scanners
  • Digitising whole archives quickly with high-speed in-office devices
  • Uploading newly digital content securely through encrypted connection
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Are these document management solutions right for you?

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Visit our Resource Library for more details on how your business can benefit from improved printing services, as well as examples from organizations that have already seen the advantages.

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How to choose the best document management system

When committing to a digitised document management system, you have to think about your document capture objectives:

  • Are you planning to convert a whole archive of physical files into a digital format?
  • Do you want to ensure each new paper document is saved to a digital archive in real-time?
  • What types of regulatory requirements and industry specifics will limit your options in either of those cases?

Selecting ideal scanners and multi-function devices for your organisation and then integrating them with your new or existing document management solution is a critical process.

What makes a good document management system?

To see some examples of how this has worked for other businesses, you can visit the Brother resource library. You can also reach out directly for insights into how the processes of digitisation and document management can help your business boost its collaboration, productivity and security. Brother's flexible offerings can be used to create a document management solution that fits your records management and general workflow needs.

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