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What is Document Management?

A document and content management solution is a digital workflow that streamlines the scanning, managing and sharing of business documents. It can accelerate your business process while providing security features to your documents. Brother provides desktop and mobile scanning solutions bundled with workflow software so you can:

  • Digitise/Scan documents direct to your cloud storage like OneDrive
  • Protect scanned documents with secure passwords and cloud encryption
  • Improve digital workflows with one-touch automation features
  • Turn paper into actionable data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Why digitisation is important to document management

You need a complete, end-to-end document management solution equipped with all the tools to transition paper documents into workable PDF copies. Reliable scanners and multi-function devices integrated with document management software help digitise files with ease. Once digitised, you can:

  • Support collaboration among hybrid and remote workers
  • Easily share digital documents over great distances
  • Reduce time spent searching for a file, thus increasing productivity
  • Transform paper documents into searchable data with OCR
  • Create a repeatable workflow for scanning, sorting and deleting documents
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Increased document control and security

In terms of security, paper documents are difficult to locate quickly. They also provide little control over who can access sensitive information. Our content and file management solution allows you to:

  • Encrypt the file so that only authorised personnel can access it
  • Password protect scanned documents at the point of document creation
  • Meet document control and other data privacy requirements
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Simplified compliance and accurate reporting

Manual data entry and paper recordkeeping aren’t only difficult and time-consuming, but are also prone to human error. Leveraging a high-speed document capture workflow can streamline the creation of scanned documents and gain plenty of important benefits:

  • Brother scanners automate data entry through OCR, thus reducing error and ensuring compliance reports are accurate.
  • Searchable documents help you comply with data retention regulations.
  • Digital workflows emphasise accountability throughout the audit trail.

Hybrid workforce collaboration

Housing all of your critical business content in one location is the best way to ensure remote employees are empowered to work together and perform their best. Centralised document management software allows you to:

  • Track changes to an important document and view a complete history of each version
  • Digitise a file on the go and quickly share scanned documents to coworkers in any location
  • Download and print physical documents for hard copy recordkeeping
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Are these document management solutions right for you?

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Visit our Resource Library for more details on how your business can benefit from improved printing services, as well as examples from organizations that have already seen the advantages.

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Choosing the right document management solution

Deciding on your solution is an important business process that requires preparation:

  • Evaluate how many physical documents you need to convert to a digital format. Knowing the volume of scanning you’ll require will narrow down the choices significantly.
  • Identify a scanning device that can handle the volume of documents that need digitising. You need one that will be easily integrated into the document management software.
  • Select a cloud storage location where scanned documents will be stored.
  • Set up a hot folder system to distribute documents to their correct storage locations.

Selecting ideal scanners and multi-function devices for your organisation and then integrating them with your new or existing document management solution is a critical process.

What makes a good document management system?

To see some examples of how this has worked for other businesses, you can visit the Brother resource library. You can also reach out directly for insights into how the processes of digitisation and document management can help your business boost its collaboration, productivity and security. Brother's flexible offerings can be used to create a document management solution that fits your records management and general workflow needs.

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