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Print Solutions for Healthcare

Brother offers a range of print solutions and products designed for the healthcare industry to improve efficiency and transform the way your practice runs, allowing you to see more patients and reduce waiting times.

Today’s healthcare professionals are facing more pressure than ever to perform faster while maintaining the highest possible standards of care. An essential part of maximising efficiency in the healthcare sector is the need to reduce the resources and budget going toward administration tasks.

Implementing these measures effectively is not just vital, but potentially lifesaving. The right time and cost-saving technology can go a long way towards easing the pressure on staff.

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How Brother Can Help

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Improved Point-of-Care efficiency

Better point-of-care efficiency can make a major contribution towards saving time, reducing errors, improving patient outcomes and enhancing clinical efficiency. Through close consulting with our healthcare clients, we’ve applied our print and imaging solutions towards more effective methods for capturing and sharing patient records, medication lists, care instructions and more.

Brother supports EMR interoperability and provides a range of multi-function print solutions and imaging capture technologies to help transform paper forms into highly secure, usable and retrievable data. Our range of scalable print and all-in-one solutions provide the flexibility to be tailored to the specific needs of individual departments of the healthcare industry.

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Stronger compliance and security measures

Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of patient medical information is essential. Through our range of multi-function solutions and image capture technologies, we can assist with providing the sure-fire security you need to comply with strict healthcare privacy policies.

Brother print solutions for healthcare are Cerner certified and support HIPAA compliance, with features that include secure cloud storage, secure PDF, password-protected printing and more.

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Smarter, simpler identification and asset printing

Brother’s labelling solutions enable medical staff to quickly and easily print Patient ID wristbands to help improve patient safety and security. These solutions also apply to barcode document labels to assist with accurately identifying documents, charts, files and specimens.

Virtually all our labelling products give you the ability to print on laminated labels that easily adhere to a variety of surfaces, and can withstand usage in harsh environments – a necessity for maintaining the integrity of patient identification and asset tagging.

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“Our faith in the You Choose Managed Print Services and Brother combination has been fully justified. Some of this equipment exists in quite harsh and often cramped environments and has performed admirably with minimal fuss and maintenance”

Dean Bond, St Basil’s Homes, IT

“By opting to use the Brother printing and scanning solution for our medical practice, we were able to maximise the efficiency of the operational workflows whilst at the same time ensure that we have a reliable solution which meets our expectation and budget.”

Dr. Youseff Khammar, Principal GP, Yamanto Family Practice