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What is Visitor Management?

A Visitor Management System (VMS) efficiently connects your clients to your staff. It automates your sign-in process with a user-friendly app and provides smartphone notifications for your staff upon their client’s arrival. It's a simple but effective solution that includes:

  • A mounted iPad or Android tablet
  • A sign-in interface app for visitor registration
  • A label printer for visitor badge identification
  • A smartphone app for staff for guest arrival notification

Brother provides an integrated solution with leading visitor management solutions providers to implement an all-in-one VMS that can be tailored to the needs of a business.

Streamline the visitor experience

First impressions matter, especially for important visitors. When a guest arrives at your office or facility, visitor management software will notify staff so that they’re greeted with timely professional service.

Automated intake procedures means you can replace the manual sign-in book and automate the entire process. As a result your administrators are free to focus on other critical tasks.

Visitor management replaces antiquated workflows with integrated and cost-effective solutions. But what does that transformation look like? The right visitor management solution can provide a robust range of productive benefits:

  • Automated visitor registration reduces human error when inputting visitor data
  • A more convenient and simple visitor check system for front desk staff
  • A real-time notification alert creates a digital footprint for monitoring visitor activity
  • Enhanced access control system supported by an instantly printed visitor badge
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Who needs a visitor management system?

The short answer? Any brick-and-mortar office stands to gain from an effective visitor management system – especially if they’re still using pen-and-paper sign-in books. These include:

  • Health care facilities
  • School systems
  • Financial offices
  • Office buildings

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Security and visitor identification features

Manual data entry, physical logbooks and handwritten access cards have long been a staple part of the registration process. But when it’s time to file a report, handwritten information may be difficult to locate or unreliably entered. To keep up with today’s pressing security needs, you need to upgrade to a connected digital solution.

Visitor management systems break down information silos and streamline visitor tracking procedures in a number of key ways:

Digital registration kiosk:

  • Reduces the workload on desk staff and increases customer satisfaction while also ensuring each visitor has privacy while inputting information
  • Can immediately allow staff to check visitor information against law enforcement databases, thus allowing them to identify and manage risk

Visitor badges:

  • Can be instantly printed on high-quality label printers
  • Provide first-glance peace of mind to each employee as visitors enter their facility
  • Can be verified against current visitor information to ensure proper authorisation
  • Are able to be digitally revoked and adjusted at any time

QR Codes and Barcodes:

  • Can be used as access control devices to ensure visitors only go to approved areas of the facility
  • Track visitors as they move through your facility’s scannable entry points

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A simple solution for healthcare compliance

Access control systems are important measures that protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Hospitals, research labs and healthcare facilities can deploy visitor management solutions across their admissions and access control procedures. An instantly printed visitor badge, verifies every guest before entering secure areas, thus protecting patient privacy.

Safekeeping the school system with a VMS

School systems of all kinds can use visitor management systems to protect student safety. With advanced access control, staff can track a guest through to ensure everyone is accounted for during a visit. Most importantly, desk staff are able to quickly revoke visitor access at any time should they become a concern.

Visitor data is automatically secured and encrypted in cloud storage. Visitor information is kept private while also being made available when it’s time to file a report. With a complete visitor log, guest histories can be identified, retrieved and handed over to authorities as quickly as possible. Empowered by visitor management solutions, you can simplify compliance efforts and focus on education.

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Partnering with leading software providers offering seamless integration with Brother Label Printers

30 Day FREE Trial. With SINE visitor management, a simple check in process can monitor attendance and improve safety across your operations and facilities.
The VisitUs digital sign-in app works well in any industry as it provides a simple way to track and manage visitors that will improve efficiency to save you time and money.
Time & People
Time & People offer easy to adopt visitor management software to Track and manage employees, contractors, visitors, and emergencies with one integrated solution.
LinkSafe create tailored visitor management software that is fully designed to automate your visitor sign-in process and make it contactless using QR codes.

See how our Visitor Management Solutions can benefit your business.

We understand the important role visitors play in the everyday operation of your institution. To support that role, you need a comprehensive visitor management system that improves employee security, streamlines visitor registration and safeguards guest information.

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